Tax is a nightmare for many people. The government keeps on increasing taxes for various services, and people find it difficult to cope up with it. There are some ways you can avoid paying too much tax.


1. Relief for medical expenses

You can claim relief for any medical expenses. You can get a standard 20% relief of costs of your consultation, diagnosis, hospital bills, etc. In some cases, it applies to dental procedures as well. You can claim it as part of your tax return.


2. Pension contribution

You should start contributing towards your pension scheme from an early age. It is important that you save enough money for your retirement to lead a good life.  That way you will be financially stable even when you won’t be able to work. You get tax benefits by contributing to retirement funds. You get a higher rate of tax relief and the pension fund you create will be free of tax.


3. Buy home

If you have a mortgage then you can save money on your taxes. The mortgage interest is tax-deductible. At the beginning, you pay towards your mortgage interest. So, you will get a tax deduction for many years unless all your mortgage interest gets paid.


4. Pay off student loan slowly

You should pay off your student loan at the very end after you have cleared off all your other debts. You get tax deductions because of the interest you pay on your student loan.

These are some ways you can relieve your tax burden every year. You should hire a professional to calculate your taxes and to see what tax deductions you may be eligible for. Don’t wait for the last moment; start dealing with your tax early so that you can claim your tax return properly.