Breakdown insurance cover can be a good friend for a lonely traveller. Whether you have decided to take in the sights on your own or whether your job requires you to travel, or even if you are a daily commuter, being stalled by the side of a busy road or street can be a frightening experience. Worse yet, being stalled in the middle of a multi-lane busy road can be downright terrifying.

Breakdown Insurance and Mobile Phones

Fortunately, in our modern world, lightweight personal phones have made a huge difference in communication. Having a breakdown insurance agent at on speed dial is like having that proverbial knight in shining armour galloping to your side. Of course, your “knight” in this case is likely to be your agencies mechanic-on-call. His shining steed is likely to be a van that is filled with emergency equipment ranging from water to spare tires and the means to charge a battery.

A Little History

Automobiles weren’t very reliable when they were first invented. People formed clubs of people who could help each other in times of need. As cars became a little more reliable but also more complicated, the clubs helped pay for call boxes, just like the one used by Dr. Who, to enable people to be able to ask for help. We’d like to think that a personal phone that will fit in your pocket is a big improvement.

The Principle is the Same

The principle of having someone you from whom you can request help is the same. With breakdown insurance, it doesn’t matter whether you are stalled in a part of town that is a little bit scary or on the edge of a lonely road that winds through a windswept moor or darkling forest, help is only a phone call away.

Not Always Totally Free

When you shop for breakdown insurance, be sure to read the particulars about what it covers. Often, coverage comes in different levels. You want to buy the kind that is best for you and for the age of your vehicle. Some policies will send the expert, but you will need to buy the parts needed to repair your car.

New Car, or Newish Car, Still Under Warranty

If you have a new car or a fairly new car that is still under warranty and you purchased your breakdown insurance while it was new, the chances are good that most ordinary problems, including parts, will be covered by your insurance.

Older or Classic Car

If your vehicle is more than seven years old, has more than 10,000 miles on it, or you are restoring a classic car, you might want to travel with a credit card that can pay for those unexpected extras that go with a breakdown. Even under those circumstances, your breakdown mechanic can be a welcome sight with your realize that whatever is wrong with your car is beyond your ability to diagnose or fix.

Breakdown Agent to the Rescue

Driving to your rescue is your breakdown agent’s job. He won’t ever be too busy, too tired or too far away. He or she will always be at the other end of your phone.

He or she might not be your classic knight in shining armour, but that colourful van with your insurance company’s logo on it will be a welcome sight if you are having vehicle problems while you are far from home. You might be a lonely traveller, but you don’t ever have to take to the road alone as long as you have a breakdown insurance policy.