Hi! I’m Jack Wilson and welcome to my blog!

I’m a financial expert working in one of the top financial institutions in London for several years. Finance and investing is not only my work but my passion as well.

My financial journey actually started long before I finished my college. I read lots of books on money, savings, and investment. So, I learned about financial concepts like debts and cash flows from a very young age. I’ve invested in the stock market from a very young age. With trial and error, I’ve learned a lot of things about the market. Now I’m in a position from where I can help individuals and companies make sound financial decisions.

I’ve started writing this blog five years back to give the readers an idea about investment opportunities. I’ve received very good feedback from my readers and it encourages me to write more about this field. I hope you will find this blog very informative and can use it as a guide for your future investments.